Do You Sell Height Safety Gear?

Yes. We employ specialists in the height safety equipment field. We can recommend the right gear for your application to ensure you are 100% safe when working from heights. If you have any technical enquiries related to height safety please ask to speak with one of our specialists when you call.

Do You Manufacture Spreader Beams And Other Fabricated Gear?

Yes. We have our very own in-house metal fabrication department. We can design, manufacture, and certify almost anything, including beams, cages, toolboxes, trolleys, and much more.

Can You Manufacture To Offshore Standards?

Yes. If your products need to meet offshore standards please advise us when you request a quote.

Can I Use Freight 70 (Gold) Chain Or Stainless Steel Chain For Lifting?

No. Freight 70 (and accessories) are ONLY suitable for lashing down loads. They are not manufactured to the Australian Standard for lifting. Stainless steel is not suitable for lifting or lashing and should never be used for either purpose.

Do You Provide Balustrading Services?

Yes and no. We offer stainless steel wire balustrading supplies to our customers. With a wide range of different options and styles to choose from, our friendly staff can help you find the right balustrading for your application. However, at this time we do not provide installation services, nor do we provide the posts and framework.

How Often Does My Lifting Gear Need To Be Tested?

There is nothing in the Australian Standards that states how often lifting and rigging gear must be tested. We advise our clients to have their equipment tested every 6 to 12 months depending on site regulations and frequency of use.

Do You Keep A Record Of Our Lifting Gear?

Every piece of equipment that has a serial number assigned to it by us is recorded. We also maintain hard copies of all certificates for tested equipment, so if you lose the certificate you can contact us for another copy. In addition, we can create Lifting and Rigging Equipment Registers for all of our clients. These are specific to your company and list all of your gear, and when it was last inspected or tested.